Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dr. Isaac Golden explains Homeopathic Immunization as an alternative to Vaccines.

Dr. Isaac Golden explains Homeopathic Immunization as an alternative to Vaccines.

Click on the link above (title) and look at their search section by typing in 'Isaac" and then you can watch the episode about homeopathic immunizations.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Testimonial for Reiki:

Testimonial for Reiki:

I have been trying to heal for a long time in my life. Before coming to Access Natural Healing, I hadn't experienced as much healing as I have in the short period since I've been come to see Laurence for Reiki Sessions. I didn't ever think it could feel so easy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Natural remedies to combat that pesky Swine Flu

Natural remedies to combat that pesky Swine Flu

by Carol Roberts

Swine flu is back on the front page again. Swine flu revisited demands a more careful reading of the pandemic idea and what it means to a highly susceptible population, most of whom have never seen a virus like this before.

So, according to the CDC, more than 40,000 cases have been confirmed in the US and territories to date. Of these, 263 have died. Not a big number. Yet. They are telling us to brace ourselves, although they did that numerous times before with other strains of flu that never materialized. In the famous 1918 pandemic, 85% died in some areas. Where homeopathic remedies were used, 85% survived. Hmm, first clue. No antibiotics, no vaccines were available at the time, and people were eating real food, not ersatz “food products” invented in a chemistry lab at Monsanto.

The current swine flu is a hybrid of avian, swine and human flu factors. For people over 50, we’ve seen something like this before and our immunity might still be good enough to make this a minor illness. For younger folks, not so much. I was talking to a state health department official the other day, and he unofficially told me that all the cases of flu they are seeing these days are this H1N1 variety. I asked him what are the risk factors that seem to be associated with an increased risk of death, and his answer was immediate - “Obesity”. That’s it. Not diabetes or heart disease or old age or anything else.

So get to work on losing those extra pounds between now and the fall, when we are told to expect the newer, more virulent strains of this baby to be popping onto the stage again. Lay in a supply of face masks and some hand sanitizer. Get on some good vitamins now. If you have doubts about your immune system, begin to introduce more organic veggies and fruits, especially berries, as these have great antioxidant properties. Get some Flu Remedy, Oscillococcinum, before the crowds clean the shelves. Gelsemium is another remedy that was used in the 1918 pandemic that saved so many lives. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and inexpensive. They work on babies and pets. They don’t have side effects and should be taken as early as possible at the onset of an illness. They are not preventatives, they are treatments. They are not the same as herbal remedies, which can also be very helpful. In fact, herbs like echinacea, goldenseal and cordyceps (a mushroom) will increase the number and fighting capability of your white blood cells. Transfer Factor, a component of colostrum (from cow’s milk), and beta glucans also empower the white cells.

Do a liver cleanse this summer. Eat lightly for a week, drink tons of clean water and take some liver assisting herbs and foods, - milk thistle, artichoke, asparagus, among others. Sulfur containing amino acids like SAMe and NAC really help boost liver function and make you feel good. (People who are allergic to sulfur containing compounds are not usually sensitive to these, but to be sure, just put a tiny bit under your tongue first and see if you have any swelling or redness, but it’s not likely to happen.) Your vitality and health will improve and you will increase your resistance to illness.

Oh and don’t forget your fifteen minutes of sunshine (without sunscreen) with arms and face exposed (or other body parts – as many as you dare - if you’re worried about wrinkles). Vitamin D prevents illness, cancer, heart disease, depression and osteoporosis.

Fear of flu can be a motivator to get healthy, lose some weight and feel good about yourself. Come to think of it, why should you need a negative reason to do something positive for your body?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

* Autism – increased over 1000 times in less than one generation

* Autism – increased over 1000 times in less than one generation;
* Juvenile Diabetes – 104% increase since 1980;
* Anaphylactic Food Allergies – doubled in the last decade;
* All types of Allergies – increased nearly six times;
* Obesity – now almost 20%, 3 times the prevalence in 1980;
* Attention Deficit Disorder – now almost 10%.

For the first time in history…children are sicker than the generation before them. They’re not just a little worse off, they are precipitously worse off, physically, emotionally, educationally and developmentally.

- Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD; Why Do Pediatricians Deny The Obvious?, 2006

Vaccinations may cause significantly more injuries and deaths than they prevent.

The medical establishment considers vaccines effective if they suppress a few targeted illnesses – but at what expense? An emerging body of evidence indicates that vaccines can damage a child’s developing immune system and brain, leading to life-threatening or debilitating disorders like autism, ADHD, asthma, peanut allergy, juvenile diabetes, etc or to SIDS, death itself. If this is true, the number of vaccine-related deaths per year outnumbers deaths from so-called “vaccine-preventable” illnesses.

Historical trends show that deaths caused by illnesses targeted by vaccines had already declined by as much as 98% before mass vaccination programs for them began. Statistical tampering and incomplete and selective reporting over the last sixty years has made vaccination appear more effective than it truly is. For instance, the seemingly dramatic decline in polio cases after introduction of polio vaccine coincided with a change in diagnostic criteria from paralysis lasting 24 hrs or more to paralysis lasting at least 60 days. Polio incidence actually increased after vaccine was introduced; the oral polio vaccine became the sole cause of paralytic polio in North America until it was discontinued here.

Infectious diseases can be made worse by fever-suppressing drugs and antibiotics. Fever is part of the immune process; if it is stifled, infections that would otherwise be merely inconvenient can become dangerous, even deadly. Routine use of fever suppressants during illness and after vaccination is inadvisable.

Antibiotics increase the number of bacterial toxins released into the body by killing other bacteria not targeted. Some also diminish Vitamin C, thereby inhibiting the immune system.

Vaccine injuries are drastically underreported. Although there is a government system in place for reporting vaccine reactions and injuries, most incidents go unreported. Doctors, who naturally do not want to admit to participating in a practice that injures a child, often choose to deny or disregard even the most obvious connection between a sudden health issue and vaccination. As a result, it is believed that fewer than 10% of vaccine injuries are actually reported; it’s impossible to know exactly how many children are injured each year.

Vaccines damage the immune system. A healthy immune system has two main parts, Th1 and Th2. Th1 leads with the first and most important immune response, to sense and eliminate incoming disease-associated organisms and particles. Th2 then creates antibodies and a memory of the disease. Babies are born with immature immune systems in which Th2 dominates. As their immune systems mature, dominance switches permanently to Th1. Usually, infectious agents enter the body through the nose and mouth, triggering Th1 which normally combats them effectively. But vaccines injected into the body bypass Th1 and over-stimulate Th2. This confuses the normal maturation and skews the functioning of the immune system; Th2 becomes dominant and the crucial Th1, suppressed. The result can be autoimmune disease (eg juvenile diabetes), allergic disorders (eg eczema, asthma and life threatening anaphylactic allergies to everyday foods like peanuts) and frequent infections (eg colds and ear infections).

Vaccine ingredients are risky. They include dangerous preservatives and adjuvants (chemicals which increase immune response) and other potentially harmful substances: aluminum phosphate, phenol (carbolic acid), MSG, formaldehyde, gelatin, etc. The flu shot still contains mercury. This and other toxins can accumulate and eventually suppress the immune system, cause brain damage, and lead to a myriad of health issues and developmental disorders. Exposure to toxins during the critical stages of development before age two is especially dangerous to the brain.

Some vaccines are made using tissue cultures: monkey kidney, foetal calf blood, chick embryos, aborted human foetal lung, yeast, etc. It’s impossible to remove all contaminating viruses and proteins left from this process. Injected contaminants can create immune problems including anaphylaxis. Other vaccines have genetically engineered or artificially fragmented active ingredients. These could result in injuries as yet unrecognized.

Vaccine safety has never been proven. Studies to compare the overall long-term health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people have never been done, nor have studies to discover the combined and cumulative effects of so many vaccines. Safety studies prior to vaccine licensing are typically inadequate and limit follow-up to a few days or weeks.

Vaccinations are given indiscriminately. There are no tests to determine which children are likely to respond adversely to vaccinations. Little concern is given to innate health and family health history. Underweight babies are routinely given the same dosage using the same schedule as babies of normal weight. Unlike other drugs, vaccines are administered using a one-size-fits-all policy.
The wholistic approach treats the body with care.

Immunity is and can be acquired naturally. A foetus receives antibodies acquired by its mother from infections she’s previously had. After birth, breastfeeding provides multiple immune factors and optimum nutrition to the baby’s body and brain. Breastfeeding is so exquisitely refined that it continually changes and adapts to the baby’s needs as they change.

Immunity derived from exposure to infections can last a lifetime. Any immunity provided by a vaccine wanes over time and puts the child at risk of a more dangerous infection later in life. Infections contracted in childhood encourage optimal balance of Th1 and Th2 and may actually accelerate development and learning.

A healthy lifestyle continues the immunity established by breastfeeding. Excellent nutrition, avoidance of toxins of all kinds, sufficient rest, and being part of a loving family all contribute to freedom from disease of any kind.

The very young (babies and small children) are at high risk because their brains are undergoing the most rapid development at the very time they receive the greatest number of vaccinations…they receive many inoculations (up to 9 inoculations) in one office visit. This is insane and in my estimation, criminal.

- Russell L Blaylock, MD, CCN; How Vaccines Can Damage Your Brain, 2008

Vaccination is based on fear.

Vaccination ignores our evolutionary history. We have survived in co-habitation with multitudes of germs. There’s a balance between immune enhancement and immune depletion. We can encourage the former by acknowledging the power and competence of our bodies to heal themselves.

Those administering vaccines rarely, if ever, provide full information on the vaccines being injected; they exaggerate risks of infection and don’t explain that vaccines may be just as risky or worse.

Vaccinations are NOT mandatory in Canada. “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Three provinces require proof of immunization for school entrance: Ontario and New Brunswick for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization; Manitoba for measles. But, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.” (Immunization in Canada; May, 1997; Vol 23S4 and Canadian National Report on Immunization; 1996; Note that Ontario and New Brunswick exemption forms are available.