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MD says Homeopathy can cure rheumatoid arthritis

MD says Homeopathy Cures:

MD says Homeopathy can cure rheumatoid arthritis and more.

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Reiki Master Laurence A. Frederick can help your health concerns

Utopian Reiki:
Reiki Master Laurence A. Frederick can help your health concerns with powerful yet gentle Reiki. Reiki works for anxiety, stress and any discomforts (aka pain) due to injuries, new or old.

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Family Tea with Adar Birth's Aimee Sturley:

Family Tea with Adar Birth's Aimee Sturley:

We spent some time with some really lovely parents at Little Nest on Commercial Drive. There were discussions of cradle cap, teething, colic, and diaper rash plus some amazing labour/birth experiences. It was a really great way to share and learn. Not only did we talk a bit about how homeopathy can help for children who are moving through these health concerns, but DON'T FORGET support for the moms who need the care, too. In some cases - FIRST! If you're a parent experiencing a child with colic or reflux, make sure you are taking a homeopathic remedy for easing out of the concerns that can result from that level of sleep deprivation and stress. Ask your homeopath for the remedy Kali Phos. Take at least a 200C potency as prescribed by your homeopath.

All the best in natural health care!

Synopsis of Ming Dinh's Presentation for Cervical Cancer Week. Get your pap test.

Synopsis of Ming Dinh's Presentation for Cervical Cancer Week. Get your pap test.

Keys to a healthy and long life:

Five easy steps:
1. Reduce Stress
2. Exercise
3. Good nutrition
4. No Smoking
5. Do things that make you happy

These are preventative. Homeopathy is preventative. It follows the laws of nature. Simply put, Homeopathy uses and supports your body's innate abilities to heal. The homeopathic remedy (when prescribed homeopathically), introduces a similar, but stronger dis-ease. This is the principal behind the system of medicine known as Homeopathy. An analogy that was talked about for "Like Cures Like" is that the Homeopath is introducing the thing that 'TRUMPS' all the other cards (the symptoms) and then they go away.

CANCER... Did you know that it can take 10 years for cancer cells to grow into an 8mm mass (detectable size).

Homeopathic Remedies can help during chemotherapy and it can also prevent the need for it. Come in for a FREE 15 minute Homeopathic Consultation. 604-568-4663.

Homeopathic Immunization Protocol. Its easier than getting shots.

Homeopathic Immunization Protocol. Its easier than getting shots.

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Hospitals nationally are under pressure to utilize every opportunity to score a "hit."

Sample Vaccine Letters From this website

Most hospitals now require the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns. Many parents are also cornered by emergency room personnel during accident visits. Hospitals nationally are under pressure to utilize every opportunity to score a "hit." If your pediatrician understands your views, get him involved with the hospital. As a last resort, protect your right to receive quality care in the following manner. (Usually, you'll never find anybody in the hospital to sign this simple form):

"I certify that the (Name of Vaccine)________ vaccine being administered to (Name of Child)_________ is free from all known and yet unknown zoonotic or human viruses or viral fragments and will not cause acute or chronic illness in the recipient due to viral contamination or as a reaction to the components of this vaccine. (Signature of Physician and Date)_________."

If you do get a signature, hold on to the form.

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Interested in alternative healthcare?

Homeopathy 101
Interested in alternative healthcare?
Introductory workshop for lesbian, bi, two-spirit, queer women
with Ming Dinh, Homeopath at Access Natural Healing

o what is homeopathy and how does it work
o women's health and homeopathy
o homeopathy and cancer
o time for questions!!

Part of Pap Awareness Week: Got a Cervix? Get a Pap!
Tuesday, June 23rd
7:00 – 9:00pm

1720 Grant St (at Commercial Dr.)
Mosaic Meeting Room

registration not required – accessible venue

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Homeopathic Solutions for Constipation

Homeopathic Solutions for Constipation
By Heather Caruso B.Sc., DHMS, HD

Constipation is a North American epidemic. According to some U.S. statistics, 3.1 million people suffer with constipation. Our bowels are a holding tank for our body’s waste. Our waste is not only what we eat and drink but our manufactured toxins such as hormones, acids, alcohols and cholesterol. We are exposed to many toxins every day and we must ensure our organs work effectively to eliminate these poisons.
Constipation is a serious health concern and can lead to many other health disorders. These disorders are appendicitis, arthritis, bad breath, bloating, body odour, candida, depression, diverticulitis, fatigue, gas, headaches, hemorrhoids, hernia, insomnia and indigestion. With this long list of diseases caused by constipation it is a wonder why more people do not seek an immediate and natural cure.
The Causes of Constipation
There are many causes of constipation, the primary two are a lack of fibre in the diet and not enough water intake. Some other causes are a sedentary lifestyle (motion helps to move food along which stimulates contractions of the intestinal tract), an insufficiency of bile (bile from the liver and gallbladder helps to lubricate stools), side effects from medications (pain killers, iron, anti-depressants etc), candida and parasites. Candida is an overgrowth of a type of yeast in the intestinal tract. It is caused from an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines.
Dietary Solutions for Constipation
Eat high fiber foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat, legumes and fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the stools which helps elimination. Eating cheese and refined carbohydrates like white bread, rice and sugars tend to promote constipation. Be sure to balance your plate, half fruits or veggies, one quarter protein and one quarter whole grains. This ensures a balanced diet with proper proportions of fiber.
Supplements for Constipation
Aloe vera gel is a great healer internally and externally. If you take one ounce per day or more, it can help with hard stools. Psyllium hulls are another good remedy for constipation that should be taken with a lot of fluids. If you take psyllium and are not a water drinker, you will become more constipated. Many herbal laxatives are habit forming (they create a dependency), such as senna and cascara sagrada. For that reason I am not a fan of these herbs.
Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation
There are many homeopathic remedies for constipation. Homeopathic remedies are suited to the individual’s emotional and physical symptoms. Some common remedies for constipation are called Alumina, Bryonia, Calcarea Carbonicum and Nux Vomica. If you cannot find a remedy suited to you, or find you are not improving or your symptoms get worse, seek the help of a professional homeopath or your medical doctor.
Many people are needlessly suffering with constipation. People’s causes are very individual. It is best to improve your diet to relieve your symptoms. Eating a healthy diet and using natural remedies are a positive step towards digestive health. Homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle and suited to all ages. Typical dosage for homeopathic remedies is a 12 or 30CH potency, taken one to two times a day for ten days. If there is no change after this time, you may need to seek the help of a professional homeopath.

For the past decade, Heather Caruso has been a homeopath in Guelph Ontario and author of “Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health”. This new book covers 39 common digestive disorders and their natural solutions through diet, homeopathic remedies and supplements. It covers disorders such as acid reflux, celiac, crohn’s, colitis, IBS, parasites, candida and food allergies for example. For more information go to .

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Surgery Without A Knife.

Latest News on Alternative Medicines Homeopathic TCM & Alternative Medicines Our Kuala Lumpur HQ: No. 118 Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Blogmaster: Prof Dr Nik Omar Kg Baru, Bangi, Pasir Mas, Malaysia E mail: Tel: 03-4042 2020 or 019-9401915

Surgery Without A Knife:

Of Course in Homeopathy, we don't use any surgery for fibroid and any growth.
In Homeopathy we use homeopathic remedies for fibroid, tumor or growth. No matter how big the growth.

Here are few homeopathic remedies for fibroid or tumors
Such as:
Conium, Thuja, Kreosote, nat Mur., Silicea, Phytolacca, Calc Phos., Hydratis, Sepia, Chamomilla.

I have treated a case of fibroid of Che Gu Rashidah of kelantan.
Age 45 years she suffered a growth as big as a pregnant woman of 8 months. She told that a gynae told her it is a fibroid and should be removed ! There is no medicine for such a big fibroid.

Afraid of surgery she came to my clinic and told me all the story of her suffering for the last 7 years. He had been to all medical doctor in town and all of them say the same words "remove it by surgery" which she refused !

When I first saw her at my Pasir Mas clinic, I said the same thing, the growth is so big why not you remove it. She started crying and said to me.
'If I wanted to do surgery, than why should I come to you "

She gave the the best answer and shock me with the words. She gave a very simple and forward answer.

Than I admit, " All right, sorry madam, I will help you through my homeopathic therapy and will give you the best that we have"

The therapy goes on for one years and four months, her 8 months old size of fibroid has gone forever and completely with a proof of 'MRI' which she brough to me - Nil - Normal Uterus !

This is what I mean by Surgery Without Knife !!

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Homeopathic Arnica as effective as the usual post-operative painkiller

Homeopathic Arnica as effective as the usual post-operative painkiller

Visit Dr Briffa’s blog for a report on recent research on the comparable effectiveness of homeopathic Arnica D4 (4X) post-operatively after bunion removal compared to the usual painkiller (diclofenac). It was decided that giving placebo would not be ethical. Treatment with Arnica also gave fewer side-effects, greater mobility and was less costly.


Karow J-H, et al. Efficacy of Arnica Montana D4 for healing of wounds after hallux valgus surgery compared to diclofenac. J Altern Comp Med 2008;14(1):17-25

Dr Briffa: ‘Homeopathic arnica found to be an effective post-operative aid’

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Homeopathy offers methods to treat digestive disturbances

Homeopathy offers methods to treat digestive disturbances
Kelowna Capital News

Everything we ingest will eventually make its way through our digestive system, and depending on how our system is working, that can be a good thing or not so good.

Our very quality of life depends on our digestive system to function well.

Many factors may contribute to digestive disturbances that can cause conditions such as an ulcer or heartburn, which is sometimes known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Lifestyle choices such as stress, poor eating habits, alcohol consumption and smoking can contribute to those kinds of symptoms.

There are many symptoms, which may signal heartburn. The most common are: “burping up,” regurgitating often during the day, a heavy feeling in the chest or abdomen, or a burning feeling in the throat, chest or stomach.

Some of the symptoms which may indicate an ulcer are a burning feeling in the stomach area before, during or after a meal usually in waves that last several minutes, painful digestion, heartburn, increased acid production or a “sour stomach,” blackened stools, and nausea.

It seems very common for people to take antacid products for relief of stomach indigestion.

But that is definitely not solving any problems. In fact, antacid relief may actually make matters worse.

Other medications that are commonly prescribed for people with GERD are Omeprazole, which is in a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors that block the production of acid by the stomach.

What really happens when stomach acid is blocked? Food will sit in your digestive tract and will not digest.

Imagine, after months of taking these drugs, what kind of fermenting mass of semi-digested food you would have sitting in your digestive tract.

There are other drugs in the same class as Omeprazole. They include lansoprazole (Prevacid), rabeprazole (Aciphex), pantoprazole (Protonix), and esomeprazole (Nexium).

There are many side-effects to these drugs— diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headaches, rash and dizziness to name a few.

Homeopathy offers some excellent remedies that can provide relief, gently, safely and with no side-effects, for many digestive related problems.

If you do have a chronic ongoing complaint, it is probably best to see a homeopath for constitutional treatment.

The following list of remedies is just a sampling of some homeopathic remedies that may help for an acute digestive disturbance.

Nux Vomica: This remedy is indicated for symptoms of digestive upset that include, sour and bitter burping. It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting every morning. The person generally will have quite an irritable disposition and can be quite impatient and living an extremely high stress lifestyle.

Carbo Vegetabilis: This remedy is indicated when there seems to be a sense of rawness in the stomach that rises up into the esophagus to the middle of chest. There can be bloating and distention in the stomach.

Arsenicum: With this remedy, the key indications are burning sensations in the stomach with a sense of internal chilliness. The heartburn symptoms will almost feel like the person was just gulping up acid that burns the throat and leaves it raw.

With all the remedies above, start with a 30CH potency every few hours for a day or two, if this does not provide relief, try the next best remedy.

In homeopathic medicine, we use the term “susceptibility to disease.”

What this means is even though modern science has determined the cause of some diseases, it has not determined or explained how a person becomes susceptible to these conditions in the first place.

In homeopathy, we go beyond the disease and study the individual. This is where we try to find the person’s true susceptibility.

This column is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. John Sherman is a professional classical homeopath in Kelowna.


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A positive effect from Homeopathic remedies, study

A positive effect from Homeopathic remedies, study
Thursday, 4 June 2009, 10:36 am
Press Release: Council of Homeopaths

recent homeopathic study:

The New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH) welcomes a survey of the use of Homeopathic medicines that reported 92% of people who have taken Homeopathic remedies experienced a positive effect.

The study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal surveyed 124 people in Doctors’ surgeries [1]. Of these 65% said they had used homeopathic remedies with 92% reported experiencing a positive result. These findings confirm the results from studies conducted overseas (2,3,4).

This study revealed that positive responses to homeopathic remedies were achieved even though patients did not understand how homeopathic medicines worked.

Gwyneth Evans, spokesperson for the NZCH states, “The results demonstrate that an adult, child or, animal does not have to know how a remedy works for it to be beneficial."

Consumer demand for a system of medicine that is natural, safe and effective has driven the rise of homeopathy in New Zealand and throughout the world. However, very few surveys on homeopathy have been conducted in New Zealand to date so it is pleasing to see that funding is being made available for this purpose.

Homeopathic consultations are individualised to each patient, taking into account all presenting symptoms, together with a detailed family and personal history, including the context in which the patient became unwell.

A homeopathic prescription is then selected based on the client’s unique symptom presentation. Homeopathic treatment facilitates the body’s ability to fight infection and to decrease susceptibility to disease by gently stimulating the body to heal itself.

“This research is the beginning of an exciting development into adding to previous studies understanding homeopathy. I hope that funding will be made available to conduct further surveys and trials with practicing homeopaths in their clinics, to further add to the body of scientific knowledge of the natural healing powers of homeopathic remedies" said Ms Evans.

References -

1. Holt S and Gilbey A,. (2009) Beliefs about homeopathy among patients presenting at GP surgeries, New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol 122 No,1295

2. A meta-analysis of three trials on homeopathic immunotherapy. Result: significant effect in favour of homeopathic treatment.

3. Reilly D, Taylor MA, Beattie NGM, Campbell JH, McSharry C, Aitchison TC, Carter R, Stevenson RD. Is evidence for homoeopathy reproducible? Lancet. 1994; 344:1601-1606.

4. Cucherat, M., Haugh, M. C., Gooch, M., & Boissel, J. P. 2000, "Evidence of clinical efficacy of homeopathy. A meta-analysis of clinical trials. HMRAG. Homeopathic, Medicines Research Advisory Group", Eur.J.Clin.Pharmacol., vol.. 56, no. 1,

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Homeopathy Effective Against Infectious Disease, Massive Study

Homeopathy Effective Against Infectious Disease, Massive Study
by Michelle Hancock
Source: Health Action, Spring 2009

Historical and groundbreaking research on the effectiveness of homeopathic immunizations against infectious disease in mass populations has thrilled the international homeopathic community.

"We're very excited to see contemporary research that proves the effectiveness and level of accessibility of homeopathic immunity," says Elena Cecchetto, a classical homeopath who offers homeopathic immunization through her clinic, Access Natural Healing, in Vancouver, BC.

Last December at NOSODES 2008, an international conference on homeopathy,
immunizations and epidemics, a massive study revealed that homeopathy
is amazingly effective against Leptospirosis infection. This annual Cuban epidemic is caused by water pollution from hurricane flooding across the country. The spirochaete Leptospira is transmitted to humans from rats, causing jaundice, kidney damage and death. With allopathic vaccination, the number of infections per year was thousands, including some deaths, reported the Carlos J Finlay Institute, the independent research institute that produces allopathic vaccinations for the country and hosts the annual conference.

"The high cost of vaccination prevents putting all but the most at-risk populations such as children, pregnant women, elderly on vaccination. The cost of such limited vaccination is about US$3 million," reported Kenya homeopathic practitioner Didi Anada Ruchira, who attended the conference.

But in August 2007, the Carlos J Finlay Institute tried a different disease prevention tack-and a cheaper one that cost only US$200,000. They gave approximately five million people in two Cuban provinces specifically chosen homeopathic preparations as well as Bach flower remedies to help address the mental and emotional stress of the hurricane disaster situation.

Within two weeks of homeopathic intervention, the then rising rates of Leptospirosis infection started dropping rapidly and stopped at 10. In 2008, there were no deaths and total infections dropped to less than 10 per month.

"The Cuban team readily admitted that they have not invented anything new as far as homeopathic philosophy or applications. They have simply followed what we homeopaths know to work," said Ruchira. "… and they were able to do it on a massive scale unknown in the history of homeopathy."

Cecchetto points out that there is research dating back through the history of homeopathy that shows its protective effect
against epidemics like influenza, but it's nice to have newer data as well. "Our immune systems are amazing and that's why homeopathy works," she says. "You're supporting the system in what it's designed to do.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. Yet some people are
affected and some aren't. In the people who aren't, their immune systems have fought off or deactivated the virus so it hasn't caused sickness or complications."

While classical homeopathy offers preventive medicine, homeopathic immunization protocols, administered orally not via needle, are increasingly popular in situations when someone has been exposed to, or there has been an outbreak of, a virus.

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Homeopathy for hypothyroidism

Homeopathy for hypothyroidism

In general hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. Since the main purpose of thyroid hormone is to run the body’s metabolism, it is understandable that people with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism. Homeopathy offers good prognosis in cases of hypothyroidism. Moreover homeopathy for hypothyroidism is safe. Unlike other medicines, homeopathic medicines usually do not have any side effects. Their ability to cause structural damage is nil. Almost all ailments are amenable to homeopathic medicines. Thus it provides curative treatments in many chronic ailments which have been declared incurable by other discipline of medicine. There is always a cure in homeopathy for any kind of disease or ailment.

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In the 2008–2009 school year, B.C. schools began providing the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine

The Ugly Side of the HPV Vaccine

What the school pamphlets don’t tell you
by Donna Barker

In the 2008–2009 school year, B.C. schools began providing the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine free to girls in grades 6 and 9. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that typically has no symptoms and is one cause of cervical cancer.

I learned about the new “recommended childhood immunization” from my son and was upset to hear that many of the girls he hung out with were having the shot. I wanted to call every mother of every Grade 6 girl I knew and explain why I thought the HPV vaccine was a bad idea. But that might have isolated my own child as “the kid with a crazy mom.”

So, with the benefit of anonymity for my sweet son, let me tell all you mothers, grandmothers, and aunts of girls who have been, or soon will be, asked to have the HPV vaccine why to consider exempting your 11- or 14-year-old from the shot. (And if you have a boy child in your life, pay attention, since there’s talk of vaccinating boys against HPV in coming years.)

First of all, the ad campaigns for the vaccine have created a false sense of risk by shifting between the common virus and cancer. This creates the perception that HPV is as dangerous as cancer and that cancer is as common as HPV, says Kim Fink-Jensen, a UBC Master’s candidate focusing on medical anthropology.

Fink-Jensen analyzed HPV vaccine ads and found that they “were filled with the emotions of fear, shock, and panic, communicated through facial expressions and the language of the ad, which equate HPV infection with cervical cancer.”

She adds, “Fear of risk of cancer is further heightened by the mental habit of equating cancer with death. What’s lost is the fact that HPV is just one risk factor for the development of cervical cancer.”

How often is HPV actually connected to cervical cancer and death?

According to Dr. Kathleen Gartke, president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada, the organization responsible for Cervical Cancer Awareness week, “the new HPV vaccines may prevent up to 70 per cent of cases of cervical cancer in the future.”

Gartke adds: “The Canadian Cancer Society predicts that there will be 1,300 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in Canada this year. The tragedy is, of course, that up to 90 per cent of these cases could be prevented through a Pap test for early diagnosis.”

While 70 per cent of cervical cancer cases being linked to HPV sounds high, the actual impact on the population is very small. With 1,300 cases of cervical cancer in a population of just over 16 million Canadian women, your daughter, granddaughter, or niece has a 0.00008 per cent chance of developing cervical cancer.

And Health Canada says that about 400 women die from cervical cancer each year. This translates into a mortality rate of 0.000025 per cent.
Also consider that the HPV vaccine is not risk-free. Judicial Watch (, a Washington, D.C.-based public interest group promoting transparency and accountability in government and politics, reported the vaccine has been directly linked to the deaths of between 18 and 20 American girls and women from heart problems and blood clots. Based on documents obtained from the Food and Drug Administration, the report also notes 140 serious reactions to the vaccine, including, since January of last year, 10 spontaneous abortions and one instance of a patient who fell into a coma.
Again, small numbers, but ones that the school pamphlets don’t mention.

So, the number one thing to consider when your girl-child comes home from school with a form to have the HPV vaccine is to book her in for her first Pap test. But only if she is sexually active.

In addition to offering your doctor a cervical scraping every two years, homeopathic solutions have proven highly effective as a natural alternative to immunizations of all kinds.

El Cecchetto, a homeopath with Access Natural Healing (access, explained how preventing HPV is no different than preventing any other disease.

“Like any virus, the flu for instance, we can be exposed to HPV but not develop the associated symptoms. What homeopathic treatment does is ensure your body is in balance and your immune system is functioning at a strong level, so even if you’re exposed to a virus, your body won’t allow it to express itself,” Cecchetto says.

And, in my opinion, if a pre-teen girl’s susceptibility to a sexually transmitted virus is zero, her situation does not require the HPV vaccine.

Although he’s often embarrassed by her candour about things moms shouldn’t talk about in public, Donna Barker’s son is grateful she is a vaccine skeptic.

Best of our blog - Homeopathy, May 2009:

Best of our blog - Homeopathy, May 2009:


"I have treated 1,000 cases of influenza. I have the records to show my work. I have no losses. Please give all credit to homeopathy and none to the Scotch-Irish-American!" -T.

~A. McCann, MD, Dayton, Ohio.

"Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of aspirin in twenty-four hours."

~Cora Smith King, MD, Washington, DC

Vincent Van Gogh’s homeopathic doctor, Paul Gachet
Gallery Gachet is a unique artistic institution founded in Vancouver in 1992. Named after Vincent Van Gogh’s homeopathic doctor, Paul Gachet.

Gallery Gachet strives to provide a focal point for dialogue amongst outsider/dissident artists.

We aim to use the canvas of the outside work to educate and demystify the public on issues related to mental health and to advance the artistic discourse around these issues.

We provide the artists informed by mental health issues with opportunities to exhibit, curate, perform, read, teach and to develop their leadership skills.

Located at 88 East Cordova Street, close to the diverse populations that reside in Vancouver’s neighborhoods.

Going Alternative With Homeopathy For Insomnia - Common Preparations Used For Homeopathy

Insomnia is a common health issue that troubles a significant part of the population. Statistics will reveal varying percentages of the population complaining about chronic insomnia, but what remains constant is the fact that a lot of people are affected by insomnia and in the process their quality of life is affected. But there is good news for those who suffer from insomnia. There are a number of approved medications that can be taken, and some of these are over-the-counter medications.

Aside from this approach, there are also natural ways on how to combat this sleeping disorder. One such natural approach is through the adoption of homeopathy. This is an alternative therapy used in treating insomnia. Some of the well-known preparations that are used as homeopathic remedies are often tested first on animals. For example, coffea cruda has been tested first on rats and based on researches an identified dosage of this preparation improve the sleep patterns of rats. And when used for humans, the coffea cruda can help those with insomnia especially if the sleeping disorder is linked to stress, anxiety and over-activity of the brain.

Here are some other homeopathic preparations that can be used to cure insomnia:

Aconite. This is a chosen for its help in easing insomnia related to panic and grief. This is recommended for the person often awakened in the middle of the night by nightmares.

The use of arnica is suggested for persons who cannot sleep due to jet lag.


Ignatia is used by patients who experience the sleeping disorder related to shock, grief or over-stressing.

Nux vomica (aka Colubrina). This preparation is recommended for insomnia that is related to over-indulgence and mental stress. This is also recommended to the patient who constantly wakes up early in the morning.

A person with insomnia should not automatically take homeopathy without first consulting a professional homeopath. It is the duty of the professional homeopath to select the right remedy given the present condition of the patient. If the sleeping disorder is linked to deeper causes like depression then homeopathy can be used too to treat the underlying cause. With so many over-the-counter medications out there and behavioral approaches in curing insomnia, why take homeopathy which is an alternative way of cure? Well the use of medication is common and medications are best in treating insomnia in the short term. And the issue with these medications is that these may leave those unwanted side effects. And these unwanted side effects may upset the patient and may even prevent the patient from getting a good night sleep. Allergic reactions, drowsiness and sleep walking are just some of the side effects that can be delivered by these medications. But with homeopathy for insomnia, side effects are absent and the patient can drift into the night peacefully and in a natural way.


Reiki Sessions and Homeopathic Healing offered at reduced rates for this special day. Our practitioners are of the highest calibre. Come visit and get free acute consultations (for first aid injuries, colds, cough, teething etc...). Ask us any questions and enter to win 50% off your first Homeopathic Appointment ("Constitutional Appointment") at Access Natural Healing ~Holistic Health Centre~.